Wondering what to expect?
A quick guide to our Sunday services

We're glad you stopped by! Maybe you're new to our church, or new to church altogether. We'd love the chance to get to know you better. If you would like to connect more at Hope, we'd encourage you to talk to one of the Elders and consider joining a Home Group.

We're also aware that in a time like this, many people in our community are facing challenges. If you are in need of prayer or care, let us know and we'd love to help out.


Our church service starts at 10:00 am. Before then please feel free to find a seat, browse the library or chat to someone. Some of us take some time for prayer at 9:30 in the prayer room, just off of the main foyer. If that sounds like something you would like to do, come on in- no need to knock!

During the Service

10 a.m. The service starts. No two services are ever the same but they usually contain two or three of the following segments:

- Singing
- A talk based on the Bible on something relevant to our lives
- A kid’s talk or activity
- Communion* (see below for details)
- Open Worship** (see below for details)
- Prayer – it could be one person praying or we may be invited to form groups to pray (no pressure, this is a voluntary activity)
- Testimony – someone speaks about the difference Jesus has made to their lives
- A short video

After the Service

11:30 The service finishes (or should). Sometimes we are enjoying ourselves so much that we overrun. If this happens, and you need to get away, don’t feel bad about leaving. (although you will miss out on morning tea!)

11:30 + You are invited to join us out the back for morning tea. We would love the opportunity to find out more about you and answer any questions you may have.

There is lots of other stuff going on around here including local home Bible study groups during the week.  For details ask the person next to you, or the person who welcomed you at the door and they will point you in the right direction.


This is one of the last things Jesus asked his followers to do before he died. You can read about it in the Bible at Matthew 26 verses 26-28.

Red grape juice is poured into small cups and a loaf of bread is broken into smaller pieces. (A gluten free cracker is also provided) A prayer is said and then these elements are distributed to the church.

If you are a follower of Jesus you are invited to eat the bread as it is distributed. Likewise as the juice comes to you.

If you would not describe yourself as a follower of Jesus simply let the bread and juice go by.  These few minutes are a great time for reflection or prayer.

**Open Worship

We believe that every follower of Jesus has something to contribute to our meetings. Once per month we have a session of between 20 and 40 minutes during which any member of our church or visiting Christian can, if they choose to, spontaneously contribute to the service – they may wish to pray, read Scripture, contribute an experience they have had, call for a song to be sung, read from a Christian book or a poem, perform a song or in some other way worship God.

Find Us Here

3 Minutes from the CBD

25 Tasma Street
North Hobart, Tasmania

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